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Links to education and campaign groups

Land Value Taxation




Labour Land Campaign ( draws its membership from the Labour Party, Trades Unions and the Co-operative Party (which fields joint candidates with the Labour Party in some seats and includes Land Value Taxation in its manifesto).

Liberal Democrats Action for Land Taxation and Economic Reform (ALTER) ( advocate Land Value Taxation in the Liberal Democrat party.

Green Party ( and follow links to land, agriculture and social welfare) has been a consistent supporter of Land Value Taxation (as a source of local tax revenue), environmental taxes and charges, and a Citizen's Income.  Caroline Lucas (Green Party MP) presented a Private Members Bill -  Land Value Tax Bill 2012-13  (

Tory Reform Group's  ( MacMillan lecture 2012 was given by Nick Boles MP, who advocated Land Value Taxation as one element of reform proposals to improve the UK's competitiveness.



Coalition for Economic Justice ( is a coalition of think-tanks, charities and pressure groups across the political spectrum who have joined forces to propose the introduction of an annual Land Value Tax to replace or reduce existing taxes.

The Land Value Taxation Campaign  ( is a single-issue organisation based in the UK.  It has expertise in designing the implementation of Land Value Taxation, and its website provides a commentary on current affairs from the perspective of Land Value Taxation.



Henry George Foundation   ( is the main UK organisation providing research, education and advocacy for Land Value Taxation.  Its purpose is to spread understanding of the writings of Henry George.  It organises classes and conferences, publishes the magazine Land and Liberty, and the Links page on its website connects with other organisations sympathetic to Georgist thinking.  It has a ‘library group’ that meets at the School of Economic Science on Friday afternoons.

Henry George Society of Devon  ( promotes a greater understanding of Georgist economics in Devon.

Land is Free  ( provides topic papers on a range of issues related to Land Value Taxation.

Professional Land Reform Group ( is a network of mainly UK-based professionals interested in new ways of revealing the Landvaluescape and developing ways in which Land Value can be returned to those who create it. 

School of Economic Science  ( provides courses on Economics that include discussion of Land Value Taxation.

Systemic Fiscal Reform Group  ( is a Cambridge-based think-tank inspired by James Robertson. Adrian Wrigley has developed the intriguing suggestion that a form of Land Value Taxation could be introduced on a voluntary plot-by-plot basis.  The owner of the plot would place a Location Value Covenant  on the land that creates an obligation on its owners in perpetuity to pay an annual fee, indexed to land values, to a public body in exchange for removal of property-linked taxes and perhaps benefits.


Alanna Hartzok of the Earth Rights Institute and the International Union has developed an online course on Land Value Capture that has enrolled over 500 students from 80 countries (

Andy Wightman ( is a writer and researcher specialising in land reform, land tenure and land ownership;  and is a leading advocate of land reform in Scotland.  He maintains an active blog, which is particularly strong on Scottish issues.

Fred Harrison  ( , the author of many books on Land Value Taxation and deputy president of the International Union, provides a blog on contemporary economic issues.

James Robertson  ( has been at the heart of the development of thinking about the New Economy for over 30 years, and in setting up the New Economics Foundation.  He has written many books that advocate, as part of their proposals, Land Value Taxation and a Citizens’ Income;  and has been at the forefront of thinking about monetary reform and alternatives to debt-based money .  The Links page on his website puts you in touch with a very wide range of initiatives and groups, and he has a regular email newsletter.


International Organisations

International Union  ( is the main international organisation devoted to promoting the thinking of Henry George.  It is a non-governmental organisation with special consultative status at the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council.

Henry George International Education Center / Centro Educativo Internacional Henry George (HGIEC / CEIHG) ( provides  analysis of the economic situation of Nicaragua, and public outreach including an intensive course in the Georgist economic paradigm.  It welcomes international visitors, who are supported by the Nicaragua Spanish Schools (

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy  ( is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It is a leading international research institution seeking to improve the quality of public debate about the use, regulation and taxation of land.  It distributes a free newsletter covering a wide range of land use and land policy issues.

Prosper Australia  ( is the Austalian Georgist organisation which has an active website, land values research group and site rating defence group.

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation  ( publishes books and articles about Land Value Taxation, including a modernised version of Henry George’s Progress and Poverty.

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